Maxi Pencil Skirt

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Style: Zebra
Size: 3XL

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Maxi Pencil Skirt
Regular price $30.00 USD
Sale price $47.00 USD


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Item Type: Skirt
Material: Polyester, Spandex
Gender: Women
Silhouette: Pencil
Length: Floor-Length
Package Includes:
• 1 x Skirt
Size Info:

Size Waist (cm / inch) Hip (cm / inch) Length (cm / inch)
S 64-68 / 25.20-26.77 82-86 / 32.28-33.86 102-108 / 40.16-42.52
M 68-72 / 26.77-28.35 86-90 / 33.86-35.43 103-109 / 40.55-42.91
L 72-76 / 28.35-29.92 90-94 / 35.43-37.01 104-110 / 40.94-43.31
XL 76-80 / 29.92-31.50 94-98 / 37.01-38.58 105-111 / 41.34-43.70
XXL 80-84 / 31.50-33.07 98-102 / 38.58-40.16 106-112 / 41.73-44.09
3XL 84-88 / 33.07-34.65 102-106 / 40.16-41.73 107-113 / 42.13-44.49


Do the colors on the photos match the real ones?
All the colors of the Maxi Pencil Skirt in the photos are true to life. Please note, however, that the screen calibration of your device may distort them a little.
Do you follow all the manufacturing requirements?
We work with serious manufacturers. Therefore, we can assure you that when purchasing our Maxi Pencil Skirt, you get a product that meets all the manufacturing standards in this niche.
Can you collect any taxes? Or is it tax-free?
All extra expenses are listed in the final price for your order. You can see it on the checkout page. Therefore, it'll show taxes as well if applied.
The Harajuku Fashion Skirt can’t be so cheap. Do you save on quality?
We work directly with the suppliers. Thus, we are able to cut down the expenses on logistics.
Do you let customers post their photos with your products on Facebook or Instagram?
If you want to place the photos of our products on the Internet, you’re free to do so. Certainly, you won’t face any objection on our part.
I would like to provide your future customers with a review of this product. Is it OK?
We’re always happy to see our clients spreading the word about our store on the Internet, so feel free to write a review too!


Do you give a full refund if a package gets damaged or lost during transportation?
There is no reason to be worried about it because you will either receive your package safe and sound or get a full refund.
Can you provide the delivery to somewhere other than my place of residence?
If your personal address doesn’t match the delivery address, it’s not a problem! Despite that, we will send the package to any location you specify for us.
There’s a typo in my order details. How can I fix it?
You’re more than welcome to address the customer support service. Our experts are looking forward to helping you with the order.
How do I buy it?
Choose the product variation you’d prefer and press the ADD TO CART button. Next, fill in your contact details and make your payment as per the instructions. That’s it! Using your order details, we’ll assemble and send the necessary package to you.
There are tons of other online stores. Why should I buy from you?
We pay close attention to the selection of the best materials, technologies, and manufacturers. This is why you can buy from us with confidence!
On what legal basis do you sell these?
When selling these and other items, we strictly follow the legal regulations obligatory for this sphere.

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