Chinese New Year 2023 - The Year of the Rabbit
Kawaii Stop is excited to announce that the Chinese New Year 2023 will be celebrated on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023. This year marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit, which is associated with characteristics such as gentleness, grace, and sensitivity.
As a public holiday, Chinese people will get 7 days off from work from January 21st to January 27th in 2023. During this time, many people will travel to be with their families, participate in traditional celebrations, and exchange gifts. The Chinese New Year is an important time for people to come together and celebrate the rich cultural traditions of China.
For Kawaii Stop, the Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate and honor our suppliers who come from all over the globe, including many from China. While we are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our suppliers throughout the year, we understand that they may be taking this time off to enjoy themselves with their families. As a result, some orders may experience extended shipping times during the Chinese New Year holiday.
We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time, and we will do our best to ensure that your orders are fulfilled as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the meantime, we invite you to join us in celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit.
The Chinese New Year is an important time in the Chinese calendar, and it is celebrated with a variety of traditional customs and activities. For example, people will often clean their homes to symbolize a fresh start and good fortune for the year ahead. They may also decorate their homes with red lanterns and other decorations, and they will typically wear red clothing, which is believed to bring good luck.
In addition to these customs, the Chinese New Year is also a time for feasting and enjoying delicious food. Many families will prepare special dishes and snacks, such as dumplings, fish, and niangao (a type of sweet rice cake), to celebrate the holiday. Some people may also set off firecrackers to mark the start of the new year, and others will attend parades and other festivities that are held in honor of the holiday.
Overall, the Chinese New Year is a time of joy, celebration, and renewal. At Kawaii Stop, we are proud to be a part of this rich and vibrant culture, and we look forward to celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with our customers and suppliers. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year, and we look forward to continuing to serve you throughout the year ahead.
Thank you for your understanding during this festival,
Kawaii Stop Team

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