Kawaii Stop’s Guide to the New Shipping Regulations in Brazil - 2023
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Kawaii Stop's Guide to the New Shipping Regulations in Brazil


At Kawaii Stop, we prioritize our community's needs and strive to keep you informed about any changes that might impact your shopping experience. Today, we're shedding light on the new shipping regulations in Brazil, particularly the significance of the Brazilian CPF and its implications for our customers.

Understanding the Brazilian CPF

The Brazilian CPF, or Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, is an individual taxpayer registry identification used by the Brazilian Federal Revenue. While it was initially designed for tax-related purposes, its use has expanded. Today, it's essential for various activities, including online shopping, banking, and more.

Why is the CPF Important?

The CPF is more than just a number; it's your identity in Brazil. Whether you're buying a property, setting up utilities, or shopping online, this unique identifier is required. For international businesses and e-commerce platforms, including Kawaii Stop, understanding and adapting to this requirement is crucial to ensure seamless service to Brazilian customers.

How to Obtain a CPF

Obtaining a CPF is a straightforward process:

  • Online Application: Non-residents can apply online through the Brazilian Federal Revenue's website. After filling out the necessary details, you'll receive a registration number, which you can use to generate your CPF.
  • In-Person: If you're in Brazil, you can visit any branch of the Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, or Correios. Bring your identification documents, fill out the application, and pay a small fee. Your CPF will be mailed to you.

Implications for Shipping Times

With the new CPF regulations in place, there might be slight delays in shipping times. Here's why:

  • Customs Clearance: Packages without a valid CPF may face delays during customs clearance. It's essential to provide your CPF when shopping to avoid such issues.
  • Package Returns: In cases where the CPF is missing or incorrect, packages might be returned to the sender, leading to longer wait times for customers.

At Kawaii Stop, we're taking proactive measures to ensure that our shipping processes align with these new regulations. We recommend our customers in Brazil to always provide their CPF when placing orders to ensure timely delivery.

How Kawaii Stop is Adapting

We're not just adapting; we're evolving. Kawaii Stop is committed to ensuring that our Brazilian customers have a smooth shopping experience. We're updating our checkout process to include a CPF field, offering guidance on obtaining a CPF, and working closely with our shipping partners to minimize any potential delays.


Change is inevitable, but at Kawaii Stop, we see it as an opportunity to grow and serve you better. We're here to support our community through every twist and turn, ensuring that you stay informed and prepared. So, continue shopping with confidence, and let's embrace the future together!

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