Good ole two-piece swimsuits! Sixty years ago, or about 60 years, the world’s first bikini made its debut at a poolside fashion show in Paris. Of course, it had to be Paris right! The city of Love! Originally the Bikini and two-piece swimsuits did not go too well! There were many people that thought it shown too much skin. Fast forward to today and they are the number one swimsuit in the world! Here at Kawaii Stop, we hand pick our favorite swimsuits just for you! We slap a crazy low price on it because we do not think a swimsuit should cost $100! Way too much for us and way too much for you. So take a look at our affordable collection for the summer! Let us know what one is your favorite!

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Sexy Bandeau Bikinis

AMAZING SEXY BANDEAU BIKINIS! 33% OFF! Score on one of our trending items such as Sexy Bandeau Bikinis when you

High Waist Bandeau Bikini Set

$48.99 $29.99
HIGH WAIST BANDEAU BIKINI SET FOR 39% OFF? BUY NOW. You don’t want to miss this — snatch your High Waist

High Waist Halter Bikini Set

$48.99 $29.99
HIGH WAIST HALTER BIKINI SET, 39% OFF! A good sale only comes every so often — so don’t miss out

Sexy Leopard Bikinis

SEXY LEOPARD BIKINIS WITH 54% OFF: BUY NOW AND PAY LESS Only in our store and for a limited time

Boho High Waisted Bikini

$36.99 $25.99
BOHO HIGH WAISTED BIKINI: 38% OFF! Searching for the perfect Boho High Waisted Bikini? Take a look at our curated

Sexy Aztec Bikini Set

$34.99 $31.99
21% OFF ON A SEXY AZTEC BIKINI SET. DON’T MISS IT! Score from the best selection of products available online.

Lace-Up Strappy Bikini Set

TIME TO SAVE 33% ON LACE-UP STRAPPY BIKINI SET  Sale time means savings time. Score the Lace-Up Strappy Bikini Set

Deep-V Bikini Swimsuit

$46.99 $17.99
JUST THE DEEP-V BIKINI SWIMSUIT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: NOW 42% OFF Get what you need at a price you can smile

High Waist Bikini

$52.99 $31.99
TIME TO SAVE 39% ON HIGH WAIST BIKINI  Sale time means savings time. Score the High Waist Bikini you’ve been

Solid Women’s Bikini

SOLID WOMEN’S BIKINI WITH 19% OFF: BUY NOW AND PAY LESS Only in our store and for a limited time

Floral Bikinis

$51.99 $30.99
OUR BIGGEST SALE EVER: GET YOUR FLORAL BIKINIS FOR JUST $31.99! We’re slashing prices on our top-selling items including our