Dresses have been around forever! Here at Kawaii Stop, We think we are at the best point in its history. Today they are a large range of options that will work with any individual and body type. Our hand-picked dresses are going to make you look absolutely beautiful! Our wide range of styles is inspired by the Asian fashion trends both in years past to present. We have Lolita style, Harajuku Style, Traditional Japanese & Korean styles. All for you to choose from! We also have other styles from across the globe that are absolutely stunning! Let us know what your favorite style is.

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Sweet Lolita Dress

$35.99 $30.99
SALE, SALE, SALE — GET SWEET LOLITA DRESS AT A 14% DISCOUNT! We are glad to offer you our Sweet

Harajuku Shirt & Skirt Set

$77.99 $45.99

Bohemian Style Long Dress

$45.99 $28.99
BOHEMIAN STYLE LONG DRESS, 37% OFF! A good sale only comes every so often — so don’t miss out on

Cat Embroidered Harajuku Romper

JUST $55.99 FOR CAT EMBROIDERED HARAJUKU ROMPER! WE’VE LOST OUR MINDS! But really, we’re just here to offer a deal too

Sun Moon Gothic Mini Dress

$36.99 $24.99
SUN MOON GOTHIC MINI DRESS FOR 32% OFF? BUY NOW. You don’t want to miss this — snatch your Sun Moon

Off The Shoulder Dress

$41.99 $24.99
NEW ADDITION: OFF THE SHOULDER DRESS (GET IT NOW) The all-new assortment of products with the Off The Shoulder Dress

Silk Slip Dress

$41.99 $28.99
WE’VE GOT THE SILK SLIP DRESS YOU NEED FOR 40% OFF That’s right, savings for you — right here. At this

Turtleneck Sweater Dress

$59.99 $32.99
REMARKABLE TURTLENECK SWEATER DRESS. AN EVEN BETTER DISCOUNT. Interested in our Turtleneck Sweater Dress? Well, great minds think alike, because

Ruffled Summer Dress for Women

$50.99 $19.99
THE NEW SUMMER DRESS FOR WOMEN IS HERE (AND SELLING OUT FAST)! Hurry and get your Summer Dress for Women

Japanese Traditional Haori Yukata

$82.99 $29.99
TIME TO SAVE 54% ON JAPANESE TRADITIONAL HAORI YUKATA  Sale time means savings time. Score the Japanese Traditional Haori Yukata

Butterfly Sleeve Summer Dress

$29.99 $15.99
BUY BUTTERFLY SLEEVE SUMMER DRESS & SAVE $18.99! Get the Butterfly Sleeve Summer Dress you want at a price you’re

Casual Halter Dresses for Summer

40% OFF CASUAL HALTER DRESSES FOR SUMMER: IT’S TOO GOOD TO MISS We’ve got a steal of a deal that you

Women’s Christmas Styled Swing Dress

THE WOMEN’S CHRISTMAS STYLED SWING DRESS YOU’LL CERTAINLY ADORE Why are we so sure that the Women’s Christmas Styled Swing

Summer Backless Mini Dress

BUY YOUR SUMMER BACKLESS MINI DRESS AND GET A 29% DISCOUNT Score on your Summer Backless Mini Dress without paying full

Korean Summer Dress

LOVE A GOOD SALE? YOU’LL LOVE OUR KOREAN SUMMER DRESS! Shop the best in Women’s Clothing & Accessories items at

Midi Bodycon Dress

BLACK MIDI BODYCON DRESS YOU’LL GO CRAZY ABOUT It’s one of our hottest offers and online additions.  Explore the Black

Long-Sleeved Polka Dot Dress

$62.99 $35.99
GET A TOP-SELLING LONG-SLEEVED POLKA DOT DRESS FOR 44% OFF Score our highly sought-after Long-Sleeved Polka Dot Dress for a

Sexy Swimsuit Cover Ups

SALE, SALE, SALE — GET SEXY SWIMSUIT COVER UPS AT A 41% DISCOUNT! We are glad to offer you our

Knitted Turtleneck Dress

$59.99 $32.99
GET 45% OFF ON YOUR KNITTED TURTLENECK DRESS. TIME TO SPEND LESS!!!  You know you’re lucky when you stumble upon a

Haute Couture Day Dress

$105.99 $54.99
HURRY AND GET THIS 47% DISCOUNT ON OUR HAUTE COUTURE DAY DRESS! If you’re surfing online for the best deal

Street Fashion Day Dress

MAJOR DISCOUNTS ON STREET FASHION DAY DRESS AT KAWAII STOP Shop the Street Fashion Day Dress from our store today.

Pure Color Pencil Dress

PURE COLOR PENCIL DRESS: GRAB YOURS 59% OFF We’re slashing prices on our best-selling Pure Color Pencil Dress — get yours

Backless Draped Mini Dress

$47.99 $33.99
GET 30% OFF ON YOUR BACKLESS DRAPED MINI DRESS. TIME TO SPEND LESS!!!  You know you’re lucky when you stumble upon

White Summer Dress

$88.99 $52.99
MOST WANTED: WHITE SUMMER DRESS WITH A 40% DISCOUNT! Our White Summer Dress is one of our top-selling items within