Anime clothing allows everyone to support their favorite show or manga. There are 1000’s of shows that have come into existence and there have been many fandoms created by the followers. Anime clothing has taken on a role of its out with taking hints from the culture where they originated. The colorful designs and interesting mock-ups have been extremely creative. Here at Kawaii Stop, we love all anime! We are here to offer you the best possible prices and the best quality anime-related items. All items are hand-picked by our team and are tested to ensure they meet our standards. We strive to be your go-to kawaii store and take action from your recommendations! If we do not have a product that you want then let us know! If we add it to the site we will hook you up with a crazy discount!

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Attack On Titan Levi Pajamas


Japanese Navy Sailor Uniform

THE JAPANESE NAVY SAILOR UNIFORM YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR: GET IT NOW Discover the latest addition to our store —

Kawaii Japanese School Uniform Anime

$24.99 $18.99

Attack On Titan Hoodie

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My Neighbor Totoro Hoodie

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Harajuku Pikachu Yellow T

$27.99 $19.99
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Sexy Ahegao Stockings

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Anime Cat Girl Outfit

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Gothic Anime Print T

$23.99 $16.99
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Harajuku Gothic Tees

$23.99 $16.99
BUY HARAJUKU GOTHIC TEES & SAVE $7.99! Get the Harajuku Gothic Tees you want at a price you’re willing to

Acid Sugar Cropped Shirt

$20.99 $19.99
LOOKING FOR ACID SUGAR CROPPED SHIRT? CHECK THIS OUT. One look at this too-good-to-be-true price of $19.99, and you’d swear

Cute Cat Anime Girl Shirt

HOT OFFER! CUTE CAT ANIME GIRL SHIRT AT A 31% DISCOUNT! Interested in our Cute Cat Anime Girl Shirt? Score

Japanese School Uniform

MAJOR DISCOUNTS ON JAPANESE SCHOOL UNIFORM AT OUR STORE Shop the Japanese School Uniform from our store today. With popular

Ouija Board Socks

$22.99 $11.99
OUIJA BOARD SOCKS, 48% OFF! A good sale only comes every so often — so don’t miss out on our

Harajuku Streetwear Cargo Pants

HARAJUKU STREETWEAR CARGO PANTS FOR 64% OFF? BUY NOW. You don’t want to miss this — snatch your Harajuku Streetwear Cargo

Harajuku Black Bear Hoodie

LAST CALL!!! AMAZING HARAJUKU BLACK BEAR HOODIE — 30% OFF NOW We’re cleaning up our inventory and offering major blow-out deals

Plush Kawaii Kitten Coat

PLUSH KAWAII KITTEN COAT — 49% OFF! HURRY TO GET YOURS! It’s going fast, so get it now while you can.

Re:Zero Print Stockings

$20.99 $14.99
WE’VE GOT THE RE:ZERO PRINT STOCKINGS YOU NEED FOR 29% OFF That’s right, savings for you — right here. At this

Reflective Print Sailor Moon Hoodie

$66.99 $39.99
WE’VE GOT NEW REFLECTIVE PRINT SAILOR MOON HOODIE FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT From us, with love! Introducing our new product –

Yashiro Nene Cosplay Costume

As a first-year student at Kamome Gakuen's High School Division, this Yashiro Nene cosplay costume is realistic enough to show everyone who you are dressed as. If you have a partner that loves anime as well, you could both dress the part of Toilet Bound’s Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun. Yashiro Nene is perhaps one of the most fun characters to become for cosplay. There are several different ways that she may appear to others. From mermaid to Mokke, she has a lot of various appearances that can and will be appreciated. With this costume, you will get the dress. The rest is left up to your imagination.

Love Live Cosplay School Uniform

GRAB YOUR LOVE LIVE COSPLAY SCHOOL UNIFORM TODAY Discover all your Anime needs with the latest selection and styles of

One Piece Hoodie

WE’VE ADDED MORE ONE PIECE HOODIE TO KAWAII STOP, SO GET IT NOW Back in stock: enjoy our ultra-hot One

Sage Of Six Paths Hoodie

GET OUR NEW SAGE OF SIX PATHS HOODIE FOR $55.99! Your search for your Sage Of Six Paths Hoodie is

Japanese Traditional Haori Yukata

$82.99 $29.99
TIME TO SAVE 54% ON JAPANESE TRADITIONAL HAORI YUKATA  Sale time means savings time. Score the Japanese Traditional Haori Yukata