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Earn Money Being A Kawaii Stop Affiliate!

Kawaii Stop Earn Money Being A Kawaii Stop Affiliate!

HAPPY NEW YEARS From everyone here at Kawaii Stop!

Earn Money with Kawaii Stop!

We hope you have an amazing 2021! 2020 was a very interesting year for everyone! Let’s make sure 2021 is the best year possible! And what a great way to start by offering you a way to make some extra cash!

Kawaii Stop is back at it again and making this your number one Kawaii Store! We would like to share some information with you regarding our Kawaii Stop Affiliate program. The Affiliate program is now LIVE and is taking applications from anyone, not just people that have a large following. We have changed our rules to allow more people the chance to earn some money with the kawaii stop!

Do you want to make some mad cash with us but don’t know how! Here is how you do it! Got an active following on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, or a Blog but want more cash!? Become an affiliate for Kawaii Stop and you will earn a generous commission from every single sale you help generate! It’s that easy and we are here to help you throughout the process.


About the Affiliate Program:

Earn money through your own referrals on Kawaii Stop

A tiered system of referrals levels

Earn 4% – 15% on every order

Get 10% off every order you make on Kawaii Stop

Get paid via PayPal, quick easy, and secure

State of the art affiliate tracking page

Open to anyone!


 Basic Qualifications:

  1. Have at least 1000+ engaged and relevant followers (people who would like our kawaii stuff!) on one or more social platforms, such as Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
    1. If you have less than that is fine as well! Grow your fan base by being more active and providing more deals!
  2. Be ambitious and motivated! We want to see you be successful in your journey with us!
    1. Our tiered affiliate system allows you to make some serious cash with us! You will get paid for every order you bring in!
  3. Understand basic online marketing. This will help YOU tremendously in generating larger and larger payouts over time! We want to see you succeed long-term!
    1. We are always happy to help and will guide you with tips and tricks if needed, we have created some banners and advertising images for you that are completely free to use!
  4. Need even more incentive? Kawaii Stop affiliates also get a 10% discount on EVERYTHING in the store! (Not valid on sale/clearance items)
    1. That’s right, for every order, you personally make on get 10% off with a unique code made just for you!


Need even more incentive? Once you make your first 10 successful sales, we also offer you FREE physical items for you to promote with! We ship them right to your door.  For every 10 sales you make, you will get another freebie! (Approximate)


Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the program or how to apply and we are happy to help! Our program has been set up to give you the best possible kickbacks in the Kawaii Fashion arena and is proud to welcome you aboard.


Now let us earn some cash!


Kawaii Stop Team


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