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Do you want to make some mad cash with Kawaii Stop, Your #1 Kawaii Shop but don’t know how! Here is how you do it! Got an active following on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, or a Blog but want more cash!? Become an affiliate for Kawaii Stop and you will earn a generous commission from every single sale you help generate! It’s that easy and we are here to help you throughout the process.

How it works:

  • You can start promoting Kawaii Stop products immediately in any creative way you wish, on any social platform! Every time someone uses your link to make a purchase YOU will earn a whopping tiered commission rate from the entire sale (Up to 15%) and will be one step closer to free swag!  For example, if you generate just one order worth $100, you could make $15 cash – BAM, just like that! Easy, right? You can advertise ANYWHERE! The possibilities are endless.
  • Every time you make a sale you have the option to be paid immediately through PayPal, or choose to wait to collect a few more commissions for a bigger payout! *Min payout required.
  • To sign up for the Kawaii Stop Affiliate program please use the form below and become an affiliate immediately! You can create your links and codes right away after approval and you can start earning cash TODAY! (Seriously, we will have you set up within minutes)
  •        Tag us on any social media platform you are using. The more you are able to tag us the more random gifts you receive. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. ALWAYS include your unique coupon code and link to the site or product!


  •  Basic Qualification:
  1. Have at least 250+ engaged and relevant followers (people who would like our kawaii stuff!) on one or more social platforms, such as Instagram, Tumblr, etc.
  2. Be ambitious and motivated! We want to see you be successful in your journey with us!
  3. Understand basic online marketing. This will help YOU tremendously in generating larger and larger payouts over time! We want to see you succeed long-term! If you have to ask how to promote, you may not be the right fit for this!
  4. Fill out all information on the registration page or your application may be denied.
  5. Need even more incentive? Once you make your first 10 successful sales, we also offer you FREE physical items for you to promote with! We ship them right to your door.  For every 10 sales you make, you will get another freebie!