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Thank you for being a part of the Kawaii Stop Affiliate Program! This program will allow you to earn affiliate rewards for your referrals to this kawaii shop! We are a leading provider in the Harajuku, Korean, Japanese, and Street Fashion arena. You will be able to earn on hundreds of products 24/7. All sales earn up to 15% commission. Rewards may be used in multiple ways. You are able to get a cash-out into your PayPal account. A unique discount code for future purchases, and free items from your favorite kawaii store.

The Kawaii Stop Affiliate allows you to easily see all of your commissions on a state-of-the-art dashboard. Compare yourself to others and track your progress. We do not have a cap on the money that you can earn. Earn as much as you can with your social network following. Please see our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions if you have any questions prior to signup! We want you to be successful in this process, please let a team member know if there is anything that we can do to assist. How much are you going to earn with us?